Why Aren’t Web Businesses Taken Seriously By Onlookers?

2 August

couple on laptopI recently mentored my best friend’s aunt who has been trying to make money online for the past few months.

We were talking about how I created my online business and she told me something that caused me to write this post today.

Like many people, her daughter is quite the skeptic about what I do.  Something wasn’t quite adding up to her.

After hearing my story, she asked her mom…

If Lisa is so successful with her sites, then why aren’t all her friends and family doing it too?


I thought that was an odd statement to make.  First of all, that was a bit presumptuous to assume that I haven’t tried to help others in my life.

Of course I have.  In fact, since I’ve been doing this full time, I’ve spent quite a bit of time mentoring and consulting family and friends.

Second, I wonder if she would have said the same thing if I owned a successful brick and mortar business?

Probably not, because most people understand how difficult it is to start a business offline. They can wrap their brains around the work and costs involved in opening a store or restaurant.

You would never hear someone say, If her restaurant is so successful then why don’t her friends own a restaurant too?

What Gives?

So why are online businesses perceived differently?  I think it’s because the start-up costs are low and the Internet is so accessible.  Someone once told me, I’m on the Internet all day on Facebook anyway so an online business should be right up my alley.

However, if you’ve been on this journey, you already know that enjoying being on FaceBook and figuring out how to make money online are two drastically different things.

I find that this process is still misunderstood by a lot of people, especially those who haven’t tried or don’t know anyone who has become successful.

After all, it can’t be a real business because you aren’t driving into an office building to sit in a cubicle all day.   I mean…. it’s just the Internet, right? ;)

Your Thoughts?

So I’d love to know what kinds of comments you’ve heard from friends and family about your venture?  Do they understand and support it?

Did you somehow think this would be easier than an offline business because it is the Internet?  Or perhaps this has been easier than other opportunities you’ve tried?

Why aren’t online businesses treated with the same respect and seriousness as brick and mortar businesses?

Share your thoughts…

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