Did You Get It?

29 May

Associate Programs Newsletter #560

Did you get Jeremy Schoemaker’s Shoe In Money Blueprint in February?

I missed it then, but I’ve got it now.

In February, Joanna and I were in New Zealand, enjoying the southern summer, and I wasn’t taking much notice of new products coming out.

Anyway, I’ve remedied that now.

Just in case, by some rare fluke, you haven’t heard of Jeremy “ShoeMoney” Schoemaker…

He’s the affiliate marketer who put on display a genuine AdSense check for more than $132,000. Yes, that’s just for ONE month, and he wasn’t buying ANY advertising. So about $130,000 of it was pure profit. Sweet!

But that’s not his only claim to fame, not by a long way. This guy is seriously GOOD at creating innovative businesses and generating revenue.

He’s also brilliant at getting attention.

Fast Company put him on the cover and named him the “Most Influential Person On The Internet”.

So it makes sense to take notice of his advice.

In his Shoe In Money Blueprint, he concentrates on how you can use ClickBank to create multiple revenue streams.

You might think you already know that stuff.

Well, ShoeMoney does things DIFFERENTLY from 99% of people.

This is good – really good.

It made me sit up and take notice and have a big rethink about my affiliate marketing.

If you haven’t got ShoeMoney’s Blueprint yet, remember that $132,000 check, and grab the Shoe In Money system right now…


You’ll be glad you did.

For more details, here’s my in-depth review of The Shoe In Money Blueprint, in which I tell you a lot more about both ShoeMoney and his Blueprint…

Learn From An Awesome Affiliate Millionaire

Coming soon…

Now I’ve started delving into ShoeMoney’s way of doing things differently, there’s more I want to discuss. I’ll do that in the next newsletter.

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Thought for today: Wow

“People can’t relate to someone who only talks about their successes. But someone who weighed 420 pounds, was in massive credit card debt, and can barely spell… Most people can look at that guy and say wow if he can do it why can’t I.” – Jeremy Schoemaker.

All the best

Allan Gardyne

P.S. Remember to get ShoeMoney’s Blueprint.
Here’s the link…