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29 May

Shoe In Money Blueprint Review

If you’re in affiliate marketing, I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of Jeremy Schoemaker – “ShoeMoney”.

ShoeMoney isn’t merely successful, he’s one of the most successful affiliate marketers on the planet.

He became an affiliate millionaire by following a philosophy of NOT doing what 99% of other people do, so in his Shoe in Money system his tips, strategies and action plan are definitely not what you’ll see in other affiliate marketing books.

I’m a bit late with this review. When The Shoe in Money Blueprint was launched in February, I was enjoying summer in New Zealand. If you, too, missed the product launch, don’t mess around. Get it now. Seriously. Just do it.

I’ll tell you why… This guy is a truly awesome affiliate marketer, even if he does say so himself.

Here’s a list of SOME of ShoeMoney’s achievements…

  • In 2005, he received a $132,994.97 check from AdSense – for ONE month.

Here’s the famous check. Jeremy says more than $130,000 of it was profit.

  • He created an eBay affiliate service, AuctionAds, and sold his majority share a few months later when it was making over $2 million a month in revenue.
  • He created the world’s largest mobile/ringtones website. At its peak, it averaged 150,000 unique visits a day.
  • He has built and sold six businesses.
  • His personal blog earns over $1 million a year – and that’s just one of his revenue streams.
  • His blog gets more than 500,000 visitors a month.
  • His blog consistently ranks in Technorati’s top 100 blogs.
  • He has more than 21,000 likes on Facebook.
  • His Twitter feed has 160,000 followers.
  • He’s the author of an Amazon best-seller.
  • Shoemoney-FastCompany.GIFIn 2010, Fast Company named him the “Most Influential Person On The Internet”.
  • BusinessWeek magazine recognized him as the “Top Money Making Blogger On The Internet”.
  • He serves on Facebook’s Board Of Monetization.
  • He’s been on the front page of Investors Business Daily, and has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Christian Science Monitor, Entrepreneur Magazine, ABC News 20/20 TV show, TechCrunch… and dozens of other newspapers and magazines.

If, like me, you believe in getting affiliate marketing tips from people who have been TRULY, hugely successful, you don’t need to look any further than affiliate millionaire Jeremy Schoemaker…

Here’s the Shoe In Money Blueprint website.

Can YOU earn a really good living from affiliate marketing? You face a few challenges, right?

Well, consider the challenges Jeremy Schoemaker faced…

At school, he was the fat kid. He suffers from ADD (or maybe it’s ADHD, he’s not sure) and failed English twice.

By the age of 28, he was morbidly obese, weighing 420 pounds. He was smoking two packets of cigarettes and day, and living on a friend’s sofa. He had $50,000 in credit card debts.

Fast forward a few years, and he’s being called the “Most Influential Person On The Internet” and is making millions from AdSense.

Seriously, you don’t need to read any more of this review. Just get the Shoe in Money Blueprint now. You’ll be glad you did.

When you get The Shoe In Money System you receive a password and membership to an online resource.

Here’s what the site looks like inside.

It’s all about using ClickBank to create multiple income streams of affiliate commissions. Because Jeremy doesn’t do things the way other people do, and doesn’t follow rules the way most people do, his advice isn’t like stuff you’ve read elsewhere.

He calls what he does “exploiting people’s passions”, and that’s exactly what he teaches you to do.

I’ve been earning a good living from affiliate marketing for 15 years and I’ve earned enough to buy properties in two countries, but I still learned a LOT from The Shoe In Money System.

It’s shaken up my thinking on affiliate making. I could have been hugely MORE successful if only I’d kept a closer eye on “ShoeMoney”.

Jeremy has now teamed up with another prize-winning affiliate, Peng Joon, for the Shoe In Money system, but as far as I can tell, Jeremy wrote just about all of it himself. He’s describing his own first-hand experience at earning millions.

Peng Joon is no slouch, either. In affiliate competitions, he often shows up high on the winners’ leaderboards.  He does extraordinarily well in ultra competitive niches, so having him onboard is a huge bonus.

The Blueprint has 7 modules. They cover a great deal of ground, but they’re neatly divided into bite-sized chucks so can can easily find the area you want to concentrate on.

The main part covers…

Module 1
10 Things That Work (and 20 that Don’t)
Leverage What Other People Are Doing

Module 2
What Can You Promote?
ClickBank 101
Choosing a Product to Promote on ClickBank
How People Make Money As Affiliates

Module 3
Creating a Persona: Who Are You?
Creating a Persona: What’s Your Niche?
Choosing Your Vehicle
Creating a Powerful Message

Module 4
Relationship Building Online
Social Tools of the Trade
Getting Started on Facebook

Module 5
The Three P’s of Persuasion
Show Them the Potential
Prove It
Copywriting Tips and Techniques

Module 6
WordPress Basics
Tweaking WordPress to Your Needs
Content Shortcuts
Getting Better Deals With Advertisers
Compliance and Legal Issues

Module 7
Inbound Marketing – Going Organic
Blog Posts
Webinars and Video Posts
Ads and Reviews
Facebook and Twitter
White Papers
Free Ebooks and Reports
Comments and Forums
Search Engine Optimization
Paid Traffic – Warnings and Opportunities
Create Sources of Traffic

It’s all written in straightforward, easy to understand language. There are no nasty surprises. It doesn’t involve hefty start-up costs, risky SEO shenanigans, shady backlinking strategies or exorbitant PPC campaigns.

Simply put, it’s outstanding.

But That’s Not All

I imagine you’ll like the next section best…

The Blueprint also provides a “30 Day Action Plan”. This takes you step-by-step all the way from Finding Your Focus and Targeting a Product through to Evaluating Your Success and Replicating Your Success.

Some steps will take your more than a day, and some will probably take you much less than a day.

Shoe In Money - 30 day action plan
  The 30 Day Action Plan.

Even if you do go straight to the 30 Day Action Plan, be sure to explore the rest of the membership site. You’ll find some nice surprises.

For example, click on Monthly Newsletter 3 and you’ll find 12 techniques Jeremy uses to get genuine Facebook likes, engage with people on Facebook, and turn Facebook followers into customers.

Who Is The Shoe in Money Blueprint For?

Jeremy says his Blueprint is suitable for anyone, even if you don’t have any knowledge of Internet marketing. No technical knowledge is needed. That’s fair enough, but I think it’s most suitable for affiliates who are already doing OK but want a rethink, a new angle, new tactics, and to discover how to do a LOT better.

You can use his advice to help you choose new niches and market them differently, or apply his techniques to existing sites.

If you already have some knowledge of affiliate marketing, you’ll zip through his 30 Day Action Plan faster.

Just reading Module 1 of the membership site should be enough to shock you into rethinking how you’re doing affiliate marketing.

Start now. Learn from an awesome affiliate millionaire…

Get The Shoe in Money Blueprint