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Confusing Messages From The Google AdSense Optimization Team

12 November
I was having lunch recently with Sunil from The Extra Money Blog, and as we were chowing down on our Pei Wei (yummy), the topic of AdSense surfaced. Sunil attended one of the AdSense in Your City events where you can gather tips and advice for making more with the AdSense program. One of the representatives took a look at some of his sites and suggested he move his ads below the fold for better SEO. This certainly falls in...

Did Google Kill The Niche Site Model?

15 October
For the last two weeks, the Net has been buzzing with chatter about the latest Google algorithm shake-ups. This time there were 3 fairly big updates that rolled out over the span of 10 days. So in case you missed it, here’s a recap… On September 27/28th, Google launched an EMD update (Exact Match Domain) that targeted “low quality” (their words) sites that were ranking well primarily because of the phrase match (and didn’t have enough other signals to support...