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Your Startup’s Secret Weapons

17 October
A thriving startup isn’t all about initial funding and staffing as many just-graduated engineers and coders as possible. It’s about creating a healthy internal environment to focus on being great at what you do. Besides big goals, a good team and industry insight, it also helps to have secret weapons in your startup’s arsenal. Excellence in areas like social media can help accelerate your business quickly to become a leader in its area. It can drive your startup’s brand awareness,...

Common Sense and Determination Spell a Successful Home Business

21 September
There are many things to consider as you’re building a home business. From deciding how much capital you need to choosing employees, it can be daunting trying to figure out what your particular business model should entail. Here are five things to consider before starting a home business. Use Free or Low Cost Resources Whenever Possible There are several ways to maintain an online presence and do marketing at the same time. Publish a business blog free on WordPress or...