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Virtual Clerks & Vids: Your Business Website of the Future

12 June
You’ve just spent a lot of time and money creating your Web site. You like how it looks, the functionality and the content. But will customers like it? If your business Web site is not connecting you with potential customers, then it’s not serving your business well. Make sure your site includes these five key elements to start creating a following of loyal customers. 1. A Video Is Worth a Lot of Words Greet your viewers with a short video...

Look, Feel and Function: Update Your E-commerce Website

26 February
On the internet, no idea is original. It’s getting cheaper and easier to conduct business online, so virtual competition has never been higher. For online businesses, an attractive, functional, secure e-commerce platform can mean the difference between profitability and obscurity. With so many options online, consumers are less patient and less likely to hang around outdated sites. Looking for the next way to grow your business? Improve your e-commerce platform. According to research firm eMarketer, e-commerce sales topped $1 trillion...

Get Serious About Customer Engagement

7 February
Today’s top marketing organizations are making a science of customer engagement and their efforts are marked by a high degree of customization and personalization. Creating a personalized buying experience that gets the right promotion to the right customer at the right time is the new standard for engagement. With all the hype over social and mobile media, many businesses have lost sight of their own websites. But the tried and true website needs to be at the center of a...

His enthusiastic visitors created 15,000 web pages for him

27 October
Associate Programs Newsletter #541 Here are the notes I took during the Question and Answer Session with Elad Shippony – the guy who bought a home with his affiliate earnings. Remember Elad? He’s the Israeli affiliate who lives in a home paid for completely by his online earnings. He’s been a full-time affiliate for 9 years. But first, a message from our trusted Sponsor… __________________________________________SPONSOR__________ Learn From A Dedicated Super Affiliate One To One Affiliate Empire Building…http://affiliateventures.org__________________________________________________________ As I was...

How A Different Business Model Turned Failure Into Success

20 October
London based internet marketer Rob Cornish never wanted to be a sit on the beach kind of guy, but he yearned for a lifestyle that a nine-to-five job would never provide. It was this desire that, in 2010, led him to  start his own business in affiliate marketing. With a good job in the financial services sector, Rob had a comfortable income and enjoyed what he did, but he wanted the flexibility of being his own boss. After researching his...