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Get Serious About Customer Engagement

7 February
Today’s top marketing organizations are making a science of customer engagement and their efforts are marked by a high degree of customization and personalization. Creating a personalized buying experience that gets the right promotion to the right customer at the right time is the new standard for engagement. With all the hype over social and mobile media, many businesses have lost sight of their own websites. But the tried and true website needs to be at the center of a...

How Ti Drives Traffic Without Google & Her Advice For You!

5 November
Content may still be king, but relationships are definitely queen. No one can vouch for this better than blogger, Ti Roberts who gained nearly 2,000 visits, 400+ Facebook likes, 117 Retweets and more shares in just 3 weeks of re-launching her blog. I met Ti about a year ago when she reached out to me via social media.  I would see tweets from her here and there, but one in particular got my attention.  It read… How I Got 1,325...