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Trends to Follow to Grow Your Small Business in 2013

3 April
Small business is poised for a comeback in 2013, as banks slowly loosen their reins on loan qualifications. According to the Biz2credit Small Business Lending Index, small businesses had a 14.9 percent loan-approval rate in December 2012, up from 13.2 percent in November and 9.7 percent in December 2011. The numbers should give hope to aspiring entrepreneurs but light a fire under stagnant small business owners. The takeaway: Competition is coming – you can stay in the game by taking...

Start Debt Free, Stay Debt Free: Get Your Business Off the Ground Without Getting Deep Into Debt

18 January
How wonderful would it be to start a business debt free? That is precisely what Girish Navani, founder of eClinialWorks, an electronic medical records solution in Weborough, Mass. did back in 1999. It resulted in him earning $100 million in cash, and $250 million in projected sales for 2012. His business philosophy? Make sure that recurring revenue exceeds operating expenses. Constant Profit “That way we know we can run a profitable business even if we don’t make a single new...