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Get Serious About Social Media to Grow Your Business

26 April
Once thought of as a useless trend of tech-crazed adolescents, social media has barged into the business world with a head of steam. Approximately 57 percent of business find value in social media, according to bizjournals.com, while a Nielsen survey revealed that almost two thirds of marketers plan to increase their social marketing budgets in 2013. No longer a frivolous waste of time, social media is a potentially game-changing tool for small businesses. A smorgasbord of tweets, pics and posts...

Trends to Follow to Grow Your Small Business in 2013

3 April
Small business is poised for a comeback in 2013, as banks slowly loosen their reins on loan qualifications. According to the Biz2credit Small Business Lending Index, small businesses had a 14.9 percent loan-approval rate in December 2012, up from 13.2 percent in November and 9.7 percent in December 2011. The numbers should give hope to aspiring entrepreneurs but light a fire under stagnant small business owners. The takeaway: Competition is coming – you can stay in the game by taking...

Windows 8 for Better Business

14 March
In its short time on the market, Windows 8 managed to revolutionize the world of technology. The operating system update takes the concept of smartphone and tablet applications and applies it to the traditional desktop, completing the transformation into the fully functional computer app. The current changes taking place and those to come are unprecedented. Entrepreneurship and Remote Access Mobile technology has been a boon for the start-up business, whether or not its primary purpose involves app development. With the...

Start Debt Free, Stay Debt Free: Get Your Business Off the Ground Without Getting Deep Into Debt

18 January
How wonderful would it be to start a business debt free? That is precisely what Girish Navani, founder of eClinialWorks, an electronic medical records solution in Weborough, Mass. did back in 1999. It resulted in him earning $100 million in cash, and $250 million in projected sales for 2012. His business philosophy? Make sure that recurring revenue exceeds operating expenses. Constant Profit “That way we know we can run a profitable business even if we don’t make a single new...