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Is Your Company Evolving With These Business Trends?

16 September
Whether you run a local mom and pop shop or manage a Fortune 500 company, you can only evolve by staying on top of current business trends. Process-driven tactics, gamification and other expanding trends can give your business a competitive edge, so make sure your company is keeping up. Process Driven Oracle explains that process-driven management is a response to increasing competitive pressure and evolving customer needs. In other words, businesses develop a set of intertwined tasks to promote a...

Virtual Clerks & Vids: Your Business Website of the Future

12 June
You’ve just spent a lot of time and money creating your Web site. You like how it looks, the functionality and the content. But will customers like it? If your business Web site is not connecting you with potential customers, then it’s not serving your business well. Make sure your site includes these five key elements to start creating a following of loyal customers. 1. A Video Is Worth a Lot of Words Greet your viewers with a short video...

Get Serious About Social Media to Grow Your Business

26 April
Once thought of as a useless trend of tech-crazed adolescents, social media has barged into the business world with a head of steam. Approximately 57 percent of business find value in social media, according to bizjournals.com, while a Nielsen survey revealed that almost two thirds of marketers plan to increase their social marketing budgets in 2013. No longer a frivolous waste of time, social media is a potentially game-changing tool for small businesses. A smorgasbord of tweets, pics and posts...

Trends to Follow to Grow Your Small Business in 2013

3 April
Small business is poised for a comeback in 2013, as banks slowly loosen their reins on loan qualifications. According to the Biz2credit Small Business Lending Index, small businesses had a 14.9 percent loan-approval rate in December 2012, up from 13.2 percent in November and 9.7 percent in December 2011. The numbers should give hope to aspiring entrepreneurs but light a fire under stagnant small business owners. The takeaway: Competition is coming – you can stay in the game by taking...

Get Serious About Customer Engagement

7 February
Today’s top marketing organizations are making a science of customer engagement and their efforts are marked by a high degree of customization and personalization. Creating a personalized buying experience that gets the right promotion to the right customer at the right time is the new standard for engagement. With all the hype over social and mobile media, many businesses have lost sight of their own websites. But the tried and true website needs to be at the center of a...