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How Ti Drives Traffic Without Google & Her Advice For You!

5 November
Content may still be king, but relationships are definitely queen. No one can vouch for this better than blogger, Ti Roberts who gained nearly 2,000 visits, 400+ Facebook likes, 117 Retweets and more shares in just 3 weeks of re-launching her blog. I met Ti about a year ago when she reached out to me via social media.  I would see tweets from her here and there, but one in particular got my attention.  It read… How I Got 1,325...

Your Startup’s Secret Weapons

17 October
A thriving startup isn’t all about initial funding and staffing as many just-graduated engineers and coders as possible. It’s about creating a healthy internal environment to focus on being great at what you do. Besides big goals, a good team and industry insight, it also helps to have secret weapons in your startup’s arsenal. Excellence in areas like social media can help accelerate your business quickly to become a leader in its area. It can drive your startup’s brand awareness,...