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Easy-to-Apply Advice from 3 Business Gurus

2 August
In the business world, true business leaders see no boundaries as to where they can apply their leadership skills. For anyone who may question this assertion, Bob Bratt serves as an excellent example. Bratt has been tasked with managing and supervising teams in both the public and private sectors and holds a long record of success. Currently as COO and Executive Director for DLA Piper, Bratt has also worked with teams at Unisys Federal Systems and the United States Department...

Happy Employees = ROI

15 July
We are in the midst of the information age. Today’s growing innovation in technology will go down in history. The need to stay on top of the hypersonic progress isn’t only expected, but it’s necessary to survive in commerce. Entrepreneurs tend to focus on this business outlook and often over look something noteworthy — their employees. As business owners invest in the latest and greatest advertising methods like SEO, social media and guerilla marketing, they sometimes tend to forget to...

Windows 8 for Better Business

14 March
In its short time on the market, Windows 8 managed to revolutionize the world of technology. The operating system update takes the concept of smartphone and tablet applications and applies it to the traditional desktop, completing the transformation into the fully functional computer app. The current changes taking place and those to come are unprecedented. Entrepreneurship and Remote Access Mobile technology has been a boon for the start-up business, whether or not its primary purpose involves app development. With the...

Look, Feel and Function: Update Your E-commerce Website

26 February
On the internet, no idea is original. It’s getting cheaper and easier to conduct business online, so virtual competition has never been higher. For online businesses, an attractive, functional, secure e-commerce platform can mean the difference between profitability and obscurity. With so many options online, consumers are less patient and less likely to hang around outdated sites. Looking for the next way to grow your business? Improve your e-commerce platform. According to research firm eMarketer, e-commerce sales topped $1 trillion...

Get Serious About Customer Engagement

7 February
Today’s top marketing organizations are making a science of customer engagement and their efforts are marked by a high degree of customization and personalization. Creating a personalized buying experience that gets the right promotion to the right customer at the right time is the new standard for engagement. With all the hype over social and mobile media, many businesses have lost sight of their own websites. But the tried and true website needs to be at the center of a...