Income Generating Website with Viral Traffic Solution – $1550

Looking to start an online business? Or searching for a business opportunity? Then we present this revolutionary income generator…

Our revolutionary website package with viral traffic solution. This service allows you to capitalize on Google success using Google Adsense and our viral web traffic sources. People are looking for your content, so stop putting all your time in social networks like Facebook and Twitter, start making your own money online. We will guide you on how to use your Facebook and Twitter accounts to increase revenue on your new website.

And best of all, you will be contributing to the advancement of technology in Africa & the Free Internet in Africa Project!

This product will change your online business forever. Initially priced at premium, now for a limited time is priced at $1550 for a greater cause, helping those in Africa. (It’s better to give than receive …right?) Take advantage of our giving nature while it last. We are only offering 50 slots. Once slots are filled then service will return to normal price of $2,500.

We offer a fully customized website with Google Adsense, CMS (content management system), PPC best practice consultation, media buys, article marketing, SEO and social network marketing strategies which you need to make it online. All are bundled into 3 major aspects of Search engine optimization:
– Content
– Traffic
– List Building.
And all are automated.

So what exactly do you get? For just $1550 you get an income generating website, we promote your site to over 50,000 people the first month that have shown interest in your blog or web content genre. Then we show you how to continue bringing more people to your site. You earn money from the visitors viewing and clicking on the Ads (Google Advertising) on your site that we place from Google Adsense (Like the one below). Make hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month. Take control of your financial future on Google’s coattail. Google pays on time every month once you cross the threshold of $100.

  • You will also get, 1 yr free hosting
  • Free 2yr Domain Registration

With our powerful service, you can see profits the first month no matter what your online
business or experience is… affiliate marketing; blogging; creating products; etc… as it
addresses the most important criteria of making money online.

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Proceeds go towards the operations of which it’s primary goal is to provide free internet in Africa. With Free internet the youth will be able to get online and not only socialize but learn and see what the rest of the world has to offer, the adults can start their own online businesses and provide for their families. Join us, Let’s Free Africa and eradicate poverty!

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If you are in need of assistance with payment, we have the following Payment option:

Payment Plan Option: (note there is a $50 additional payment plan processing fee)

    • Pay just half down + $50 fee
    • Following Month (or at completion if completion is more than 30 days) pay balance

Total cost will be $1600

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