Email Marketing Services

14 July

Email Marketing services are taking the place of direct mailers. Instead of spending your time and money on creating print marketing campaigns that end up in dusty mailboxes, you can now combine your social networking marketing efforts with effective email campaigns.

Millions of people use email each and every day to receive information or to send information to business associates, family, and friends. Not only is email considered more cost effective than postal mail, but it’s much faster than conventional methods.

When a user signs up for a Newsletter, they are agreeing to receive valuable information, including advertisements based on their interests delivered directly to their inbox. Subscriptions to these newsletters cost nothing, and the member has the right to remove themselves instantly from a list with a simple click of their mouse.

Opt-In email is not “SPAM”. We have a strong anti-spam policy, and we have taken many steps to pass legislation to combat “SPAM”. Using our opt-in services will NOT get your website shut down or your affiliate programs cancelled. Opt-in email is and will always be the most cost effective way to market to thousands of interested people.

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