The devilishly slippery slope

13 August

Associate Programs Newsletter #533

I’ve been researching comment spam on blogs and was staggered to discover the same item of spam appearing on more than 4 MILLION websites.

You know that slightly suspicious looking blog comment you approved yesterday? Well, your instincts were probably right. It might have been posted to a million or so other blogs, too.

Yes, that’s what the blog spamming industry is achieving these days.

Google’s latest Penguin algorithm updates have slowed blog spammers a little, but they’re still churning out millions of garbage comments, written in a way that’s designed to trick you.

Are you confident you know how to recognize comment spam? Have a look at the deceptive examples I discovered.

How many of them appear on YOUR blog?

Some of them fooled me.

Are the spammers fooling you?

Plausible Lies Blog Spammers Tell


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The devilishly slippery slope

It seems to me there’s a devilishly slippery slope involved in comment spam.

It goes something like this…

 1. It all starts so innocently… First, you do searches in Google, find relevant blogs in your niche, and take part in the conversation. You post helpful, thoughtful comments. You make friends and build business relationships.
 2. Next, you hire an employee to do the commenting for you. The quality suffers a little, but you’re freed up to do other things.
 3. Then you decide you can save money by hiring an overseas assistant to post comments on blogs. The quality suffers some more, but you put up with that.
 4. You experiment with using a blog commenting service, which promises “relevant” results and posts hundreds of comments for a few cents each. If you receive any complaints, you ignore them.
 5. Then you step up (or is is down?) to buying a tool which “spins” comments and promises that you can post thousands of comments in minutes. Perhaps to start with, you use it just to find relevant blogs quickly. But those other options look tempting…
There should be a law against it.

Maybe there is already.

If the CAN-SPAM Act can be applied to commercial messages in Facebook, perhaps there’s nothing to stop it being applied to comment spam?

But how on earth would you decide who to prosecute, and at which stage of the slope?

Where are you on the slippery slope? I’d be interested in hearing your views.

I’d also like to know if you are allowing disguised comment spam to remain on your blog. Is it fooling you?

And if any of you are posting auto-generated blog comments by the thousand, how’s that working for you? Surely Google has figured out exactly what you’re doing, so why are you persisting with that garbage?

I’m curious to know what you think…

Plausible Lies Blog Spammers Tell

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COMING SOON: Successful affiliate process

I’ve interviewed a successful affiliate who has developed a smooth process for generating traffic and making sales. I’ll tell you about it in the next newsletter.

Thought for today: What to do

“First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.” – Epictetus.  

All the best

Allan Gardyne