Perry Marshall's New Book – Much More Than AdWords

7 September

The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, by Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd, is about a whole lot more than using AdWords effectively.

I’ve been reading – well, actually studying and highlighting lots of paragraphs – of the new third edition.

I was surprised by the scope of this book. It’s a manual for Internet marketing success.

Perry, who is regarded by many people, including me, as THE AdWords expert, knows that if you want to succeed brilliantly in online marketing, you need to know a whole lot more than just how to gain Google’s trust and get cheap, targeted clicks on AdWords ads.

You can tell with every paragraph he writes that Perry doesn’t just want to teach you how to get the most out of AdWords. He also wants your business to succeed.

So the book also covers a wide range of closely related topics, including how to identify your USP, how to build an unforgettable personality, how to put personality and pizazz into your email marketing, search engine optimization, remarketing, and so on.

There’s a fascinating chapter – Chapter 16 – on how to use social media indirectly – especially Facebook – to do your market research and produce a treasure trove of insights about what your customers really want. (These tactics could also be used by affiliates looking for ideas for “money pages” – pages that generate revenue because they hit the spot exactly, targeting problems that are crying out to be solved right now.

For canny affiliates, that chapter alone is worth many times the price of this book.

By the way, you’ll be relieved to know this guide isn’t a $197 ebook. It’s a REAL book, very modestly priced at Amazon, and even cheaper if you choose the Kindle edition.

Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords 3/E: How to Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes contains all the high quality advice you’d expect from Perry and Bryan on how to get more clicks from Google while paying less. Advice includes:

  • How to Build a Google Campaign From Scratch – the Right Way
  • What Google Doesn’t Tell You
  • How to Write Google Ads That Attract Eyeballs, Get Clicks, and Earn You Money
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Triple Your Traffic With Google’s Display Network
  • Slashing Your Bid Prices
  • Answers to All Your Frequently Asked Questions
  • … and a LOT more

You can get a good idea of how comprehensive this instruction manual is by going to Amazon and having a look at the Contents.

The book has something for beginners and veterans.

If you’re a rank beginner, you’ll find this instruction guide very useful. Perry and Bryan provide detailed, solid advice for beginners, describing how to start with a low daily budget of $5 or $10, and experiment the RIGHT way, to make absolutely sure your first experience with buying traffic at AdWords is a good one, not a painful one.

You’ll appreciate all the easy-to-follow, thought-provoking examples.

If you’re a veteran pay-per-click marketer, you’ll find that this third edition of The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords has a bunch of new chapters and segments. New sections include:

  • Harnessing Social Media. This is NOT about “Liking” and “tweeting”. It’s about gleaning new insights from Facebook to increase the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. There’s an intriguing case study.
  • The Dark Side of Google
  • Image Ads. Fewer than 10% of Google advertisers use them. Learn how to gain a significant advantage.
  • Remarketing. Ads that draw in people who have already visited your website but haven’t bought.
  • A Guide to Must-Have Software Tools. New, advanced material for veteran advertisers.

Because you’re reading my review at, you’re probably an affiliate, so I have to tell you that this guide is aimed at vendors, not affiliates. However, it IS a very powerful guide for anyone who’s doing affiliate marketing because of the ground it covers – insightful lessons that you won’t have seen elsewhere.

Perry and Brian discuss things like the psychology of keywords, getting inside the conversation in your customer’s head, killer keyword secrets, and brilliant tips on how to write headlines that get the click.

adwords-book-large.jpgThe Most Dangerous Number in Any Business

While Perry loves Google AdWords, he warns you that “the most dangerous number in any business is one”. One traffic source, one advertising medium, one product, one star salesman, one means of communicating with customers, one critical business partner, one bank account, one merchant.

(If we apply that to affiliate marketing, you wouldn’t want just one niche, one affiliate network, or one web host.)

When all you have is one, “somebody can kill you dead”.

So Perry wants you to teach you how to perfect your sales funnel so you can affordably buy traffic from all kinds of places, not just Google. He gives you valuable insights into creating landing pages that sell, and doing email marketing with verve. (You’ll love the email marketing case studies. Perry is superb at personality marketing.)

He says: “Real success is seldom achieved from a one-time sale. It has more to do with your ability to win a loyal customer who buys and buys again.”

That’s a key message. That’s what he’s aiming to help you achieve.

He also provides tips for building a robust, stable, long-term Internet business. (Page 144)

Here’s Tip No. 9: “Do not look like, taste like, or smell like an affiliate – even if you are an affiliate.” Essential reading for every affiliate.

I strongly recommend this book for ANY Internet marketer. Perry lives and breathes AdWords. He’s THE expert, but he’s more than that. He’s brilliant at marketing. He shares his brilliance in this eye-opening guide.

When you get it, make sure you follow the link on the inside back cover and download the bonuses Perry provides. The bonuses alone are worth a LOT more than the modest price of this instruction guide.

Get it here: Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords 3/E: How to Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes