One of the best interviews I've done – nice home business

8 September

Associate Programs Newsletter #537

I’ve interviewed mother of two Christine Gierer, who’s built a home business which is earning her twice what she used to earn in her old day job, while she works fewer hours.

Christine was a delight to interview. She’s remarkably modest about her achievements, in spite of owning a website that gets more than 30,000 page views a DAY.

She says she couldn’t turn off the traffic now if she tried.

She was also helpfully candid about what has worked for her and what hasn’t.

All in all, I reckon this is one of the best interviews I’ve done, thanks to Christine’s helpful nature.

I suspect that friendly helpfulness and her ability to engage with her readers play a large role in her success.

Christine is an artisan who has leveraged her skills and interests into an online business that generates a lot of passive income.

Here’s the story…

Christine Turns Hobby Into Profitable Online Business

The system behind Christine’s success

Apart from being friendly and helpful, there’s another important reason for Christine’s success – the system she follows. Like more than 40,000 other folk, she uses SBI.

If you’ve been wondering whether to get SBI, I urge you to read Christine’s story, and learn how she used SBI to research and build her business and get all that traffic.

Christine says, “SBI has been a godsend to me.”

With SBI! you learn how to build a profitable business. You don’t just have one mentor – you have a wonderful, helpful, friendly community encouraging and assisting you every step of the way. The SBI private forum is the most supportive, helpful forum I’ve seen anywhere.

“SBI advice tends to be right,” Christine says.

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I’ve been an SBI! user for 10 years and I strongly recommend it to family and friends and people I care about.

Frustrated affiliate offers to pay for site reviews

Here’s an unusual post on our affiliate forum…

Karen is so frustrated with her lack of success, she’s willing to pay an affiliate expert for a review of her site.

Any takers?

Affiliate EXPERT! Willing to pay for a review of my site!

You may not want to take money from a struggling affiliate, but perhaps you could spare a moment to give Karen a tip or two?

Thought for today: Real success

“Real success is seldom achieved from a one-time sale. It has more to do with your ability to win a loyal customer who buys and buys again.” – Perry Marshall.

All the best

Allan Gardyne

P.S. Remember to read the interview…

Christine Turns Hobby Into Profitable Online Business