IWriter Review: iWriter from the inside

6 August

If you want to hire an article writer, or if you want to be paid for writing articles, iWriter is a good choice.

This iWriter review gives you a look at the service from two perspectives.

First, I describe what it’s like from my angle. I hired a writer to produce an article.

Then we tell you what it’s like from the point of view of the person who wrote the article for me.

I found iWriter remarkably easy to use.

To get started, you can go to iWriter and watch a very short introductory video. It tells you that websites need great content to attract traffic, but most websites don’t have nearly enough great content. So true!

If you’re not a naturally gifted writer, iWriter says, you face three major obstacles.

  • Writing articles takes a lot of time.
  • It’s difficult and boring.
  • Hiring writers is expensive.

IWriter bypasses those three obstacles.

I was surprised how remarkably simple the process is. Actually, you don’t even need to watch the videos. The website is very easy to understand.

If you want to order articles, this is the form you use…


Fast Reply

After I filled out the form, I very quickly received an email saying a message was waiting for me. It turned out to be a simple question from a writer, with the username DiogenesCnc, easily answered.

The same day, I received another email saying:

“Hello, an iWriter writer has just submitted an article for you to review. You have 72 hours to review (i.e. approve OR reject) the article…”

I REALLY like the way this works. If you’ve bought articles elsewhere online, you’ll know it’s all to easy to pay for articles which turn out to be of low quality.

At iWriter, you can simply reject low quality articles. You also have the option of giving the writer feedback and requesting a rewrite.

Once I clicked “Approve”, I was able to download the article. As well, if I had wanted to, I could have downloaded a version in which “spin tags” had been automatically added, suitable for anyone who “spins” articles for publication in multiple places. (If you were a Google engineer, wouldn’t you hate that!)

Once you’ve received your article, you can rate the writer.

For me, the whole process was wonderfully smooth and painless. The site is beautifully designed and very easy to use.

From an article buyer’s perspective, prices are cheap. Also, you don’t even have to check the article with CopyScape to see if it’s unique, because iWriter does that for you.

Writers have the security of knowing that they will be paid, because buyers must have funds available in their account before they can order articles.

If you’re a skilled, professional writer in the Western world, I wouldn’t expect you to love the prices paid. However, if you live in a country where US dollars go a long way, or if you have the ability to churn out articles very fast, you’ll probably find the prices acceptable.

For example, for a 400-word article, the minimum prices are:

Basic writer: $2.50
Premium writer: $5
Elite writer: $8.50

For a 1,000-word article, the minimum prices are:

Basic writer: $7.50
Premium writer: $10.50
Elite writer: $18.50

For a 20-page ebook, minimum prices vary from $160 to $210. That’s great value! Do you want an ebook to use as a freebie? This is a painless way to get one.

NOTE: These are minimums. If you want to make sure your project is accepted, it’s a good idea to offer more than the minimum.

I find that improving someone else’s article is much easier than starting from scratch. With a few little tweaks you can add your own personality and facts to a purchased article or ebook.

Writers are paid by iWriter via PayPal. Writers receive 81% of the price of each article. “If you receive a ‘special request’ from a requester you receive another 5% (i.e. 86%) earnings per article,” iWriter says.

The service is popular. More than 2.7 million articles have been written via iWriter, and it has more than 134,000 writers.

The most prolific writer, “Alessandra D”, has written about 13,000 articles.

I have no hesitation in recommending iWriter. It’s a top notch service.

Here’s the second part of this iWriter review – an article written by “DiogenesCnc”, who wrote 260 articles in their first month with iWriter.

How I Make Money With Iwriter

By DiogenesCnc

iwriter-numbers.GIFFor anyone looking for an interesting way to make some spare cash, writing for iWriter is an incredible opportunity. I understand that getting started on some of these projects may feel daunting, so I wanted to take the time to encourage other people to give it a chance. I feel like my penmanship has taken off for me since joining this website. Hopefully, this review will inspire you to sketch out a few sample articles, then see where your wit and wisdom can take you.

When you do get started writing for this site, there are a few first steps that you should keep in mind. Be flexible with how you approach writing articles for buyers. You’ll be writing for many different people, each of which have different needs for their projects. Many of them will provide you with a style guide to conform to while sketching out the details. If this info has got you hooked, there are many other ways to enhance your writing for this site. Realize that when you produce better work you will get the chance to unlock new opportunities for yourself.

Focus on quality writing:

Take your time when you first join the iWriter team. Your first goal will be to simply show people that you understand their content needs and can follow their instructions. If you just focus on that first step, you will find that your writing will steadily improve over time. Proper spelling and grammar often come with writing experience. The only way you can get this experience is to challenge yourself and push the limits of your writing.

Note that the iWriter site allows you to advance your ranking by getting great reviews from your projects. When you first begin, you’ll automatically be granted the standard rank. But once you start accumulating high reviews for the articles that you produce, you can be bumped up to either premium or elite writer status. This can give you access to more and better paying work. It may also give you a gratifying feeling to become gradually more successful with your role on this website.

Once you make a habit out of writing quality articles, some people will quickly take note. You may be added to “favorite writer” lists that will let you accumulate a fan base of sorts. Another perk is that you may receive special requests from people you’ve written for before. These are good signs that you are maturing quite well as a content writer for this website.

Challenge your writing skills:

One thing you’ll notice when you join this website is the sheer variety of different topics that need to be written. This might be overwhelming at first, so feel free to start off in your comfort zone. Try to pick up a few articles on topics that you feel knowledgeable about because of your work background or education. This will get you the confidence you need to complete a few early writing projects to test the waters.

However, you shouldn’t stay in your comfort zone forever. As you accumulate experience, you may want to start slowly branching out to areas you had never considered before. If you love fashion, you may write a few articles about your own style at first. But once day you might come across an article asking for information about fedora hats or pointed boots. That would be the perfect time to step outside of your comfort zone.

Enjoy yourself while writing:

What I love most about this site is the chance to get paid for researching a huge variety of topics. I enjoy learning about everything I can, so this is the perfect opportunity for me to explore that hobby. Think about what attracts you to the idea of writing detailed content on a variety of topics. You’ll get the most out of this website if you can develop a genuine love for the process of educating yourself and sharing your knowledge with others.

The iWriter format has been a great opportunity for me to grow as a writer. It has been challenging at times, but well worth it. It has also been a lucrative way to spend my time. Before this experience, I never would have considered myself an experienced and confident writer. Now I can say that I’ve taken my first step in that direction.

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So there you have it. Whether you want articles written, or want to be paid for writing articles, I hope you found this iWriter review useful.

I strongly recommend it.

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