Have you bought a house with your earnings?

24 October

Associate Programs Newsletter #540

Whatever stage of affiliate marketing you’re at – just beginning or able to buy a house with your online earnings, you’ll get some valuable tips by studying this infopublishing success story…

Affiliate Marketer Buys Home With His Online Earnings

This one’s a REAL affiliate network

I’ve been updating our list of CPA and affiliate networks

Here’s one of the newer additions to the list, an affiliate network founded in Queensland, Australia, where I live. Looks good.

This is what I call a REAL affiliate network. Unlike many CPA networks, it provides you with a choice of MERCHANTS, not just temporary campaigns or offers, which can quickly change.

If you’re interested in promoting products to Australian markets – which aren’t as competitive as U.S. markets, check it out.

Here’s my recently updated entry…

Commission Factory
A high quality Australian affiliate network. Merchants include Cudo (daily deals), Quickflix Australia, Quickflix NZ, and about 100 other merchants in categories including gifts, health and beauty, DVDs, camera batteries, jewelry, gadgets, fashion, toys, adult, home and garden, lingerie, travel, magazines, etc. Good tools and support for affiliates including data feeds, coupons, a deep link generator, image galleries, QR codes for offline promotions, and videos containing links to the merchant to increase conversion rates. Realtime tracking. When I joined as an affiliate, I was surprised to see approval was automatic. Pays weekly. Founded 2011, recently revamped and improved. It’s run by experienced affiliate marketers. Based in Queensland, Australia. If you’re targeting Australian markets check it out.

Here’s our three-page list of CPA and affiliate networks

You may be surprised how many there are.

Thank you! Much appreciated

Thank you very much to everyone who “Liked” Kate’s interview with Rob Cornish…

How A Different Business Model Turned Failure Into Success

Because it was Kate’s first article for AssociatePrograms.com, it was very pleasing to see such a positive reaction.

Thank you. You’re wonderful.

Get your questions answered

P.S. Do you want to ask that affiliate who bought a house with his earnings some questions about infopublishing?

He’s having a Live Q&A Session TODAY…

Infopublishing Live Q&A With Elad Shippony
Wednesday, October 24th, 6pm ET

You can go there right now and ask questions in advance.

(Scroll down past the photo of Elad and his 3 daughters)

Thought for today: Qs and As

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” – Dr. Seuss.

All the best

Allan Gardyne