Google Helpouts A New Revenue Opportunity

31 January

Associate Programs Newsletter #562

The new Google Helpouts service gives you a chance to earn money in a new way.

Don’t dismiss this as being just for consultants or companies or “other people”. I think you’ll be surprised when you see all the opportunities here for affiliates – or for anyone who has teachable skills and knowledge.

I’ll tell you why I think affiliates should investigate this, but first, here’s a word from a new sponsor…


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Google Helpouts, after months of quiet testing, has now gone public.

It provides an easy way for you to offer consulting or help – free or paid – via live video streaming.

You meet your customers via a Google Hangout video conferencing link.

Your clients can connect instantly or book in advance. They pay you using Google Wallet, so you’ll need a Google Wallet account. You also need a Google+ account. (You may need to write a more enticing profile.)

Helpouts – – has started fairly small with a few broad categories…

  Art & Music
  Computers & Electronics
  Education & Careers
  Fashion & Beauty
  Fitness & Nutrition
  Home & Garden
By the way, Helpouts doesn’t have an affiliate program. I won’t earn anything by telling you about it.

I’m enthusiastic about it because I know some affiliates who don’t do online consulting but they could easily offer some now, with Google’s help. They have skills that would be perfect for this.

I predict Helpouts will be HUGE – as long as Google manages to maintain high quality and a good reputation. To help with that, customers can rate Helpouts tutors and write reviews.

Mashable reports that Google has a handful of safeguards in place. “For example, users can immediately exit a video call, and report a vendor or user if there is any form of harassment or inappropriate behavior.”

Instead of using Helpouts, you COULD simply set up your own consulting via Skype and avoid paying Google the 20% fee for each transaction. However, I see big benefits in using Helpouts…

  o Helpouts will be especially suitable for affiliates who are following their passion and love to talk about their chosen topic.

  o You can offer free or paid chats.

  o You get 24-7 publicity on the Helpouts website, so you can attract a wider audience.
  o You’ll earn instant credibility and trust because you’re on a Google site and have been vetted by Google.
  o You’ll gain useful testimonials.
  o Many people want to talk to a real person. This gives you an opportunity to build strong relationships by offering genuinely useful help, eventually leading to sales. It’s especially suitable for high ticket items, which are not impulse buys.
  o When you talk to a client, you could mention your website and your email list, giving you opportunities for repeat sales.
  o While talking to a client, you can recommend they get your free, helpful report which contains affiliate links to relevant products.
  o Because Google is organizing this, it should be step-by-step easy to set up. Your biggest hurdle could be getting Google’s approval.  

At click on “Browse Helpouts” (top left of page), explore the categories and you’ll see there’s already a wide diversity of topics, including many you may not have thought of.

Examples include all sorts of fitness training, chemistry tutoring and homework, yoga, gluten-free cooking, rock guitar lessons, yoga instruction, Spanish language lessons, pet problems solved, lawn care, fixing computer problems, Indian culture, refrigerator repairs, and heaps more.

There’s even wargame terrain making. Browse through the offers and you’ll see people offering advice on fashion, hair, makeup, home organization, grammar and punctuation, proofreading, etc., etc.

If you have some sort of skill you can teach, Helpouts could be a winner.

Anyone starting to see some opportunities yet?

Helpouts is brand new, so now would be an excellent time to jump in while people are talking and writing about it.

So far, it’s by invitation only. However, you can let Google know you’re interested in being invited…

If you’re thinking of anything dodgy, Helpouts isn’t the place for you.

All professionals are vetted and checked, according to Helpouts’ director of product management, Osi Imeokparia.

[UPDATE: A google spokesman told Search Engine Land more about the vetting process: “We will review all new Helpouts listings and meet the applicant face-to-face over live video in order to learn more about their background, communication skills and comfort level with online video.”

More details here…

Google blog announcement:

Helpouts website (with video to watch):

Google Wallet

Official Helpouts by Google video…

Are you chasing the money?

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Thought for today: Work in progress

“You are an unfinished work in progress. One of the good things about life’s challenges: You get to find out that you’re capable of being far more than you ever thought possible.” – Karen Salmansohn.

All the best

Allan Gardyne

UPDATED: November 7, 2013