Good Grief! Did He really say THAT!

7 June

Associate Programs Newsletter #551

Jeremy Schoemaker’s Amazon best-seller is a real shocker.

(Sorry if you read his autobiography months ago while I was on vacation. I’m catching up on some important reading.)

As you probably know, Jeremy, aka Shoemoney, is a wildly successful affiliate and entrepreneur. He says he’s awesome, and at times he is. Other times, he’s plain awful.

I scanned a few dozen book reviews to see what other people said about his book. Many of the reviews are so lame they look like rushed rewrites of a press release.

They don’t tell you, for example, that Jeremy says “it’s not a good time to become
an affiliate marketer”.

Also, they don’t tell you just how shocking he is.

Here’s my review…

Getting Inside Jeremy Schoemaker’s Head


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Thought for today: With the flow

“You don’t accomplish much by swimming with the mainstream … a dead fish can do that.” – Kinky Friedman

All the best

Allan Gardyne