Cousin Lizzie Has 2013 Sorted

13 December

Associate Programs Newsletter #543 

Joanna and I are back in New Zealand for the southern summer. For us, this is the time of the year when we re-unite with family and old friends and brush up on our Kiwi accents.

This year, about 25 or so of us – with ages ranging from not much to 96 – will be getting together for Christmas.

At this time of the year we always feel specially grateful that we have a business that gives us the freedom to work (or not work) from wherever we are in the world. Just today we enjoyed a delightful lunch with family at a local winery.

Right now we’re in our favorite spot in the southern lakes area of New Zealand’s South Island. This region is famous for its cherries, apricots and wine. On Sunday at the local farmers’ market, we sampled some of the first, sweet cherries of the season. Somehow, the food here tastes better than food anywhere else I’ve ever been.

However, I was disgusted to hear that some supermarkets are rushing to market cherries that look beautiful but are poor quality and tasteless. That’s so dumb – risking their reputation to make a quick buck.



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In New Zealand, Joanna and I have been pleased to catch up with a favorite cousin and find her bubbling with enthusiasm over a new website she’s building.

Although she lives a frantically busy life with work and family commitments, she’s squeezing in a few hours to write articles for her site.

Before breakfast, late at night, and at weekends, she’s busy researching and writing articles. She’s thoroughly enjoying the challenge, because she’s chosen a theme she’s passionate about.

I like the approach Cousin Lizzie is taking – after doing careful keyword research and studying her competitors, she’s created lists of high demand, low supply topics and sub-topics, all fitting within her over-all theme. Then she scans the lists and selects topics she knows will be easy to write about, or topics that suit her current mood.

She’s injecting her own personality into high quality, original articles, creating a highly readable, genuinely useful resource.

As more and more junk floods online, it’s pleasing to watch someone who is adding a valuable resource to the Internet, creating the sort of unique, useful site that Google wants to display.

Unlike those supermarket cherries I mentioned, her site won’t be poor quality and tasteless, that’s for sure.

Because I believe so strongly in the SBI! system, I recommended it to Lizzie and it’s good to see how she’s enjoying it.

“It’s like having a friend always there when you need it,” she says. “It warms my soul. They give really friendly helpful advice, and I appreciate having an Action Guide to follow, with its Day One, Day Two, Day Three etc. system.

“The SBI process is based on Ken’s experience with thousands of websites and I feel he’s developed so much goodwill.”

She likes having a proven business plan to follow, and being able to build an attractive site without learning a whole lot of HTML or techie stuff. She knows she’s made a good choice.

“If you have a moment of doubt about what you’re doing you just have to search and the answer will be there somewhere. If you’re really stuck you can ask for help and it will always be there for you without any extra cost.

“As a pretty non-tech person, I think it’s so worth it for the knowledge and confidence it’s given me. It’s enormously satisfying.”

As well as articles, she’s writing a report which she will sell as a PDF. So she’ll earn revenue from AdSense, affiliate commissions and ebook sales.

It looks as though 2013 will be a good year for Lizzie.

How about you? How’s 2013 looking for you?

Have you followed a few paths that didn’t take you where you want to go? Or perhaps you haven’t actually started building a business yet?

If that’s the case, I strongly recommend you start today, following the SBI business-building process.

I’ve followed this company for more than a decade. It has a whole team dedicated to helping you succeed. I strongly believe its process gives you your best chance of success.

Yes, it takes time to build a proper business. But think about this… if you don’t start now, a year from now you’ll be exactly where you are now.

Choose this proven step-by-step business-building process. It is taught in more than 25 universities and colleges around the world.

Make a decision now to build a high quality, USEFUL site that adds value to the Internet. Build a proper business that Google likes. A business that will improve your lifestyle.

You’ll probably find, like Lizzie has, that building something genuinely useful will energize you. You’ll enjoy building a business that will change your life.

With SBI you get all the tools you need in one place.

Check out the case studies and sample sites

Make 2013 a GREAT year.

Start now

P.S. Right now, SBI! is having a Buy 1, Get One Free Special, so you’re crazy if you don’t take advantage of this perfect time to get started.

Thought for today: Scar tissue

“Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, move on.” – Henry Rollins.

All the best

Allan Gardyne