At Last! The SiteSell WordPress Plugin: bizXpress

31 January

At long last SiteSell has done what many of its customers and fans have been asking for. It has launched a WordPress plugin.

It’s a premium WordPress plugin called bizXpress.

It comes in Lite (free) and Pro versions.

SiteSell has taught tens of thousands of people how to create an online business using the SBI system. They appreciate its all-inclusive, all-in-one-place approach, including brainstorming, keyword research, hosting, training and support.

While SBI has heaps of fans, in recent years some SBI critics have become more and more vocal, urging SBI users to switch to the hugely popular WordPress system.

Many SBI users felt torn. They liked the SiteSell training, research tools and support, but they wanted to use those tools with WordPress.

The SiteSell folk were well aware of this and have been quietly working hard to provide SBI users – and new customers – exactly what they have been asking for.

Now at last it’s here. You can have the best of both worlds: SiteSell tools and training AND WordPress.

bizXpress-logo.GIFAlthough bizXpress is presented as a WordPress plugin, it is also a service. It can be accessed through any standard browser. You can enjoy its features even if you don’t have a website, or even a concept and are at square one in your online business building journey.

Here’s what you get with bizXpress…

  • Action Guide (a WordPress-centered step-by-step guide to the CTPM process, in written and video format).
  • Exclusive keyword research tools  (Brainstorm It and Master Keyword List).
  • Exclusive Knowledge Base (tips, resources and monetization articles).
  • Guidance (forums, support).
  • Other plugin recommendations (vetted and tested).
  • Multi-site capability.

In a nutshell, bizXpress provides a complete set of tools and education for building an online business, saving you precious time and significantly improving your chance of success.

Here’s a look inside the bizXpress plugin Dashboard…

The bizXpress Dashboard is elegantly simple, making it easy to see where you want to go next.

The Action Guide come in various formats to suit your learning style, so you can read the instructions, watch the videos, or listen to the audio version.The steps are divided into “days”. Warning: This is a serious business building system, so most “days” will take you MUCH longer than 24 hours. You set your own pace.

The first four steps of the bizXpress Action Guide.

Deeper into the nitty gritty… the final six steps of the bizXpress Action Guide.

BizXpress is ideal for those who…

  • Would like to build their own online business, don’t have a site yet, don’t know where to start, and have chosen the hugely popular WordPress platform as their content management system or site/blog builder.
  • Are familiar with WordPress and who have a young existing site (or hosting account and are about to start).
  • Know WordPress well and have been working their site(s) for years but without having much (income-earning) success.

I really like WordPress. It’s versatile and – once you get things set up properly – it’s nice and easy to use. Because it’s so popular, thousands of companies have created plugins to use with WordPress.

WordPress is a fantastic tool that has big disadvantages – it doesn’t come with a decent instruction manual. All the other business research tools you need for business building – or even for just a hobby blog – aren’t included in WordPress. And WordPress doesn’t do much to help you sift through the thousands of plugins to choose the gems and ignore the risky garbage.

SiteSell’s bizXpress solves all those problems very neatly and very comprehensively. I expect it to be very popular.

If you have an existing SBI site, you probably don’t want to go to the hassle of switching it over to WordPress. However, if you’re researching and planning a brand new business and like WordPress – as I do – then the Pro version of the bizXpress WordPress plugin is a really good way to go. Highly recommended.