An idea you may have overlooked

24 August

Associate Programs Newsletter #536

Do you promote your websites OFFline?

A post on our affiliate forum this week reminded me that one easy, cheap way to promote your site offline is to put a decal on your car.

Yes, this is an old-school idea, but the ease with which you can do it now is definitely new-school.

You go online, select a design you like (or upload your own design) and personalize it with your own words. The website creates your decal, sticky or bumper sticker and posts it to you.

You can order just one if you wish.

How easy is that?

Next time you’re stuck in traffic, the guy behind you is reading your ad.

Two websites that do this sort of thing are and

For this promotional method to work well, you really need to own an eye-catching, memorable domain name. But don’t we all need one of those?


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The authority websites winning formula

As Google keeps getting tougher as it tries to clean up its search results, there’s one thing you can be sure of…

Google wants its users to find authority websites – ones that contain genuinely useful information, recommended by other sites.

It makes sense to feed Google exactly what it wants.

Two affiliates who are successful at building authority sites (or sites that Googles treats like authority sites) are Eric Nelson and Ryan Martin.

Both former accountants, they now make a very nice living from AdSense and affiliate commissions from their authority websites.

Eric and Ryan have teamed up to create an 87-page ebook, plus optional videos, that show you step by step how to research, build and get traffic to authority sites.

I grabbed a copy because I’m always interested in adding to my knowledge and getting a little extra edge over my competitors.

Even if you’ve never created a website before, you’ll be able to follow their instructions and screen shots as they show you how to:

  * Research niches
  * Do keyword research
  * Install WordPress
  * Select plugins to use
  * Learn where Eric & Ryan hire their writers (avoiding bad ones)
  * Write a product review
  * Do social media marketing
  * Create a “broken” link wheel
  * Get other useful backlinks
  * and so on

They’re showing you just what THEY do.

They’ve got it down to a system that still works after Google’s Panda and Penguin nastiness (or goodness, depending on your point of view).

Between them, Eric and Ryan have built dozens of authority sites. Some they keep, some they flip for a quick profit. You might like to start with just one new one, to create a new revenue stream.

Or you can use their methods to turn an old micro-niche site into an authority site. They tell you how to do that, too.

The ebook is published in a large font, with lots of screen shots, so it’s easy to whizz through the 87 pages quickly. It’s all meat – no waffle.

If you’ve always wanted an authority site and didn’t know how, this book shows you the way.

Learn more about it here

Affiliate directory upgrade problems

Sorry, advertisers!

When we recently upgraded the software that runs the Affiliate Directory the upgrade caused problems with our payment system.

I thought we had it fixed, but we didn’t.

My humble apologies to any affiliate merchant who has tried to buy a Sponsored listing recently and was sent to the PayPal sandbox. We’ll get this fixed as soon as we can.

Meanwhile, the directory IS working for everyone who just wants to use the directory to find affiliate programs. It’s only advertisers who are affected.

Do you want to check out the latest listings of new affiliate programs? You can see them here…

We’ve changed the settings, so you can now scroll through page after page of new listings – very useful for anyone who hasn’t visited the directory for a while.

COMING SOON: Hobby or business?

I’ve persuaded an affiliate who gets more than 30,000 page views a day to let me interview her. I’m looking forward to that. She’s turned a hobby into a business.

Also, I’ve been intending to review Perry Marshall’s latest book, but haven’t yet. One day soon.

My excuse is my 93 and 94-year-old in-laws are staying with us in Queensland for the southern winter and Joanna and I have been enjoying spending time with them.

Thought for today: Life

“How is life treating you? Better yet, how are you treating life?” – Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam.

All the best
Allan Gardyne