Affiliate Marketing Techniques That Work In 2013

10 May

Associate Programs Newsletter #549

I like John Gibb’s style. He doesn’t waste time telling you other people’s theories.

He tells you what HE’S doing and what’s working for HIM, right now.

He’s updated his free 96-page “Road To Success” affiliate marketing ebook for 2013.

Simply sign up for his newsletter…

…and John will give you the ebook.

As you’d expect, he’s trying to sell you something (more about that later) but there’s a wealth of genuinely useful information in his ebook.  


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Attracting ready-to-buy visitors

John, who is 29 and lives in the UK, has been doing affiliate marketing for about 10 years (and affiliate coaching for several years).

He concentrates on health sub-niches, creating multiple mini-sites targeting low competition buyer keywords, where the potential customer is ALREADY searching in the search engines for the product and is ready to buy…

He aims for – and often gets – high conversion rates.

Let’s face it, this is the best kind of visitors you can possibly get – ones who know what they want and just need a little bit of extra encouragement to click and buy.

John is clever. If he sees that a particular site is getting good sales, he’ll aim for top ranking across all the buyer related keywords (and add more content), perhaps even turning that blog into an authority site.

In his updated “Road To Success” ebook, he describes what he does.

The book is a bit rough in places, as you’d expect from a guy who works really FAST and owns websites by the dozen. He knows from experience that you don’t have to be perfect to earn a good living in affiliate marketing, but you do have to make a start and get things done.

Why not start right now and get the ebook?

It’s a useful freebie, but it’s only part of what John is giving away.

Free membership portal

As well as the ebook, John is creating what he calls a “Free Membership Portal” giving advice to affiliates who want to do affiliate marketing the way he does in health sub-niches.

He shows you things like…

  * How to research health related products.

  * A list of hot health products for 2013.

  * Where to find health programs that pay lifetime commissions. The customer is yours for life, so each time they buy, you earn a commission.

  * How to do keyword research to find buyer related keywords.

  * How to install WordPress.

  * Several basic plugins to use.

  * How to customize your mini-site.

  * Outsourcing content creation.

  * Link building. Some of this is controversial and is not what I do, but remember John is describing what works for him.

  * and a whole lot more…

What’s the catch? Why is he giving away so much?

He wants to prove his coaching works. He wants to see you get results, so you’ll sign up for the next step – his intensive, elite private coaching, with lots of high-octane benefits for those who are really serious about this stuff.

If you do sign up for the elite private coaching, mention my name – Allan Gardyne – and John might give you a special bonus. He might even create the start of a large natural health blog specially for you.

To learn more, get the freebie

Is this a dumb question or what?

I couldn’t resist answering this question on our affiliate forum…

How many forum posting is sufficient for our site in a day?

What do you think?

Back in nice warm Queensland

After a lovely long summer in New Zealand, Joanna and I are back in Queensland, Australia, for the southern winter.

Now, without the distraction of gardening, kayaking and social time with family, it’s time for me to review our business. I’m going to re-examine which of our websites, web pages, and affiliate programs bring in our best revenue.

It’s the old 80:20 rule. If 80% (or more) of your revenue comes from only 20% (or less) of the things you do, you need to reassess what you’re spending time on.

Also, I have some promising products to check out.

Often the most effective thing you can do is improve things that are already working. Other times, you have to admit there’s no point in flogging a dead horse, and try something new.

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Thought for today: Something new

“Being friends with your ex is like keeping an empty wine bottle in your fridge. You get nothing from it and it takes up space for something new.” – Source unknown,

All the best

Allan Gardyne