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How to Minimize Your Risks and Crush Your Market for High Profits

21 October
According to the nationally recognized BizBuySell Insight Report, the business-for-sale marketplace swelled 55.7 percent in the first quarter of 2013. Curtis Kroeker, the group general manager for, discusses how small business owners are getting more comfortable and confident selling their business. Their improving financial numbers also mean buyers are more confident about purchasing businesses. With a recovering economy and small business sales on the rise, there are ways to mitigate your risks and set up your business for a...

7 Online Marketing Strategies: Which One Works for You?

7 October
Online marketing without a strategy in place is a lot like beating your head against a wall: ugly, painful and not all that likely to yield positive results. Not all online marketing strategies are made equal, and not all online marketing strategies will work for everyone. You may have to try many strategies before you find the one that works best for you, but don’t despair. Marketing is a process that often takes time, effort and, of course, money. Diversification:...

Is Your Company Evolving With These Business Trends?

16 September
Whether you run a local mom and pop shop or manage a Fortune 500 company, you can only evolve by staying on top of current business trends. Process-driven tactics, gamification and other expanding trends can give your business a competitive edge, so make sure your company is keeping up. Process Driven Oracle explains that process-driven management is a response to increasing competitive pressure and evolving customer needs. In other words, businesses develop a set of intertwined tasks to promote a...

Easy-to-Apply Advice from 3 Business Gurus

2 August
In the business world, true business leaders see no boundaries as to where they can apply their leadership skills. For anyone who may question this assertion, Bob Bratt serves as an excellent example. Bratt has been tasked with managing and supervising teams in both the public and private sectors and holds a long record of success. Currently as COO and Executive Director for DLA Piper, Bratt has also worked with teams at Unisys Federal Systems and the United States Department...

Happy Employees = ROI

15 July
We are in the midst of the information age. Today’s growing innovation in technology will go down in history. The need to stay on top of the hypersonic progress isn’t only expected, but it’s necessary to survive in commerce. Entrepreneurs tend to focus on this business outlook and often over look something noteworthy — their employees. As business owners invest in the latest and greatest advertising methods like SEO, social media and guerilla marketing, they sometimes tend to forget to...