Windows 8 for Better Business

14 March

In its short time on the market, Windows 8 managed to revolutionize the world of technology. The operating system update takes the concept of smartphone and tablet applications and applies it to the traditional desktop, completing the transformation into the fully functional computer app. The current changes taking place and those to come are unprecedented.

Entrepreneurship and Remote Access

Mobile technology has been a boon for the start-up business, whether or not its primary purpose involves app development. With the help of mobile computing, business owners are able to access essential information from remote locations. Its possible to respond immediately to problems as they arise. Windows 8 picks up on this trend and takes it to the next level. It improves user experience on the tablet, while bringing the best the tablet has to offer to the desktop or laptop computer.

Business Apps

The potentially more significant element of Windows 8 involves the system’s newly developed apps. Many of these apps take favorite Microsoft programs and convert them into a more accessible format. suggests you keep an eye on these business gems:

  • PDF Touch: lets you quickly and easily mock up PDF files, making it easy for things such as signing documents and sending them back
  • Dropbox: Internet-based cloud-storage app that has a free version up to a certain amount of GBs
  • Plex: a free, open-source media player solution to store all your music and videos
  • Skype: a communication service for video and message chatting, and phone calls
  • OneNote: a note-taking app
  • MetroTwit: a Twitter app that supports multiple accounts and lets you set up your timeline, mentions and direct messages in different columns
  • LastPass: a secure locker on multiple platforms for usernames, passwords, credit card numbers and anything else you need to remember but don’t want available publicly

Cloud Storage

Cloud computing offers businesses the opportunity to store essential information remotely and at a surprisingly affordable cost. In the early stages of the cloud, obtaining storage space and maintaining security presented a struggle for many companies. Thanks to new cloud apps, this is no longer the case. Dropbox and Skydrive, two free cloud storage space, are particularly useful apps for those looking to minimize costs and maximize storage options. The availability of such convenient data storage has made in-house storage all but obsolete.

Data Security

While convenient, the advent of cloud computing has raised alarm bells for those worried about privacy. These concerns have been addressed with the release of several excellent Windows 8 apps. has an app that identifies and removes unwanted information from appearing in searches or through Facebook. CEO Michael Fertik explained to 20/20 that, as the Internet has completely transformed the rules of online reputation, it is only fair for users to develop solutions of their own.

The app-based approach to technology has proven extremely user-friendly throughout the course of its short existence, so it’s only fitting that apps would be transferred to traditional desktop computers. The release of Windows 8 makes it possible for every user to enjoy a seamless experience, regardless of whether he or she currently owns a mobile device.