Happy Employees = ROI

15 July

We are in the midst of the information age. Today’s growing innovation in technology will go down in history. The need to stay on top of the hypersonic progress isn’t only expected, but it’s necessary to survive in commerce. Entrepreneurs tend to focus on this business outlook and often over look something noteworthy — their employees.

As business owners invest in the latest and greatest advertising methods like SEO, social media and guerilla marketing, they sometimes tend to forget to empower their employees.

Happy Workers are Better Workers

They are your brand ambassadors. If they believe in you, they’ll spread the word. Clients will be satisfied with you and your brand will have teeth. Investing in your employees keeps them happy and motivates them to perform well. Keep in mind that not only are your employees working for you but you’re working for them.

So how can your company form happier workers and help them build a personal brand?


Post-Gazette.com recommends that first and foremost companies ensure employees are fully trained on the job and assimilated into the culture of the company. For current employees, encourage mentorships and continuing education. Plenty of online resources is available at little or no cost to hone skills used on the job. For example, employees who write or employ written communication might benefit from a business grammar class.

Build accurate and rewarding partner relationships by implementing interpersonal relation and leadership training with a course like Fierce Conversations, which encourages building a results-focused culture by shifting employees mindsets and approaches to communication methods.

Room for Growth

Employees who believe there is no room to grow in your organization have nothing to strive for, says David Mielach of BusinessNewsDaily.com. As such, their performance is likely to suffer. Even if, your company doesn’t have an excess of growth opportunities, be clear about openings and promotion possibilities. Making an effort always to develop from within, whenever possible, is also excellent for morale.

Reduce Micromanagement

Nothing is too complex then being micromanaged. Being treated as if you’re incapable of doing the job for which you were hired is one of the most surefire ways to flush out an employee. If someone is weighing a package on the Pitney Bowes meter before printing out the label, so be it. No biggie. However, feel free to stand in if another employee is photocopying only one side of the paper for in-office handouts (reduce, reuse, recycle).

Recognize Success

It’s easy to gloss over what’s being done right when you’re trying to improve things that aren’t working. Don’t fail to acknowledge the successes of your employees — knowing what they’re doing right will help them keep a positive outlook when you approach with challenges.

Limit Personnel Shortages

Keep your staff sane by making sure there are enough people to cover the workload. Approving to much vacation at one time can be disastrous for productivity and stressful for those actually at work.


Know what needs to get done and what you can put on the back burner. Losing a substantial client over an easy oversight isn’t acceptable. In your office, this might mean a hefty, public list on a dry erase board or a separate priority list for each employee. By knowing what must get done, workers can work more efficiently without fear of reproach.

Be Realistic

Remember that life happens. People need breaks and time to decompress after a long meeting. They require positive feedback no matter what industry you are in.