Guide Your Email Campaign To Perfection

13 November
Email marketing can be a huge payoff- it’s estimated that for each dollar spent in this arena, companies earn nearly $45 dollars in return. That’s a handful of returns on investment (ROI) if you know what you’re doing. But it isn’t easy, and it can be a series of trial-and-error sends before you begin to see payoff.
When you contract with an email service provider, or ESP, to launch an email marketing campaign, your goal is to convert those who receive it into leads and then clients. But that’s the tricky part about marketing via email: It can be easily deleted without even being opened by whomever receives it, meaning that you’re out of a lead and potentially a sale. If you’ve peaked the attention of your recipient enough for them to open the email, then arguably your next challenge is even more difficult than the first- you have to provide content that will make them want to contact and do business with you.

Snappy Headlines

Create a headline that will be sure to get the recipient’s attention. Make it funny, promote a sale or lead with a popular quote- anything that will entice the recipient to open the email for more. This is a challenge, as often times businessmen or the higher-ups that you’re targeting in the email campaign are busy and don’t quite have the time to page through something that isn’t of value to them. This is the first step to success, making them open the email for more.


Now that you’ve gotten the recipient to open up your email, you’ve got to work even harder to keep them there. So make sure you’re giving the recipient valuable information and that it’s organized in an effective, interesting and engaging manner. Include insightful information and images (it’s said that 57 percent of email recipients turn on the images in any emails they receive) and videos that help make a case for the product or the message you’re trying to convey. Also include things such as special offers, promotions or coupons that people can print out and cash in for discounts or freebies. Be sure to link up to various parts of your company’s website in an effort to increase traffic and exposure to your company and brands.

Good ESP

Arguably, your email marketing message is only as good as your ESP, so choose what works best. There are many companies that provide such services. Scout out these providers and find out the experience they have working with the people you’re trying to attract. If your ESP isn’t the right fit, what’s to say that your results will be what you’re looking for?

Targeted Audience

Another essential measure is to make sure your email marketing campaign is going out to the decision-makers that can help business grow. It shouldn’t be sent out to just an average Joe, but to people you can get results from. In terms of an email distribution list, a bigger one isn’t always necessarily a better one. A strategic one is better.