Easy-to-Apply Advice from 3 Business Gurus

2 August

In the business world, true business leaders see no boundaries as to where they can apply their leadership skills. For anyone who may question this assertion, Bob Bratt serves as an excellent example. Bratt has been tasked with managing and supervising teams in both the public and private sectors and holds a long record of success. Currently as COO and Executive Director for DLA Piper, Bratt has also worked with teams at Unisys Federal Systems and the United States Department of Justice.

While Bob Bratt has made his own footprints in the world of business, he most likely has learned a great deal from business leaders from the past, as well as his contemporaries. Below is some easy-to-apply advice from three business gurus.

Steve Jobs, Co-Founder of Apple, Inc.

The late Steve Jobs was a visionary and followed his passion. There is one quote from Jobs that falls right in line with the way he approached business: “People with passion can change the world for the better.” Jobs also encouraged entrepreneurs and small business owners to make unusual connections in the world in not limiting to themselves in strictly linear thinking. He encouraged business owners to be open to new possibilities while branching out to other fields and sparking new ideas.

Steve Jobs with MacBook Air 2

Photo by Matthew Yohe via Wikimedia Commons

Tony Hsieh, Co-Founder of Zappos.com

Another business entrepreneur who believes in commitment to the vision over focusing simply on the financial rewards. Tony Hsieh is quoted as having said, “Chase the vision not the money,” and that tactic has proven invaluable for the online shoe, apparel and accessory shop. Zappos.com’s positive and uplifting approach to business strikes a chord with consumers and employees.

Tony hsieh

Photo by Delivering Happiness Book via Wikimedia Commons

Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City and Founder of Bloomberg L.P.

Mayor Bloomberg has toggled the lines between the public and private sectors to great success. He notes that not much is different between the two worlds, that they are both dog-eat-dog and that those entering the field of business should not be afraid to assert themselves.

Michael Bloomberg 3 by David Shankbone

Photo by David Shankbone via Wikimedia Commons