Common Sense and Determination Spell a Successful Home Business

21 September

There are many things to consider as you’re building a home business. From deciding how much capital you need to choosing employees, it can be daunting trying to figure out what your particular business model should entail. Here are five things to consider before starting a home business.

Use Free or Low Cost Resources Whenever Possible

There are several ways to maintain an online presence and do marketing at the same time. Publish a business blog free on WordPress or an eBook for free on Smashwords. Use Craigslist to advertise your services locally or globally, and link to your personal or business website. If you need to create a website, use a service such as, which helps users find a host based on affordability and reliability, to help you decide which web host is right for you.

Most Online Work-at-Home Business Propositions are Not Real

Most online work-at-home business propositions are just scams to get you to spend money. Don’t believe claims from business services and suppliers without researching them fully. There are many legitimate home based businesses you can start with little or no investment, and there are websites that can help you generate income, which usually charge only a small fee or a percentage of the sale amount. But be careful and do your research when signing up with a work-at-home business.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Keep working, at least until you are positive your business is fairly secure. It is possible to manage a home business and a day job simultaneously, and it is much safer, so don’t rely solely on the money you’re making from your home business until you’re sure it’s going to continue coming in.

Start-up Costs Vary According to Business Type

If your product is your expertise in a particular field such as writing, design, editing, accounting or ecology, then your startup costs are likely going to be very low. If your intentions are to sell a product you are not making yourself, however, you will probably need to do bulk wholesale purchasing to be competitive.

Test Your Business Ideas

If an investment is required, make sure you are likely to make a profit. Many people enjoy selling on eBay, but with account listing and selling fees, you must be able to obtain merchandise at a very good price in order to receive a reasonable profit. Obtaining merchandise for resale at a low enough price usually requires large quantity purchases and that means a major investment. To get a good idea of what realistic sale prices are look at items sold similar to yours.

With the right plan and a few good ideas, you’ll be well on your way to supporting yourself without having to endure the regular 9 to 5. Just be sure to be cautious, plan carefully and screw down all the necessary details, and you’re sure to be a smashing success.