7 Online Marketing Strategies: Which One Works for You?

7 October

Online marketing without a strategy in place is a lot like beating your head against a wall: ugly, painful and not all that likely to yield positive results. Not all online marketing strategies are made equal, and not all online marketing strategies will work for everyone. You may have to try many strategies before you find the one that works best for you, but don’t despair. Marketing is a process that often takes time, effort and, of course, money.

Diversification: Don’t Rely On One Strategy

If you truly want to succeed, you may want to diversify. You can use blogs, videos, social media, eBooks and more. You may even want to get a celebrity endorsement, as suggested by Entrepreneur. Using many strategies at once is an excellent way to ensure that at least some of the strategies pan out.

Consistency: Timely Content is the Best Content

Daily content is one of the best strategies that you can use to grow an audience. As listed on its website, Shopify proposes to post a minimum of four to six times a day on a Twitter campaign and at least once a day on a major social media site like Facebook.

Determination: Never Give Up, Never Surrender

It’s always darkest before the dawn. Bob Parsons, the founder of GoDaddy, notes that many people feel like giving up just before they’re actually about to succeed. You should always be moving forward and you should always be focusing on your next goal. Worrying is actually a good thing, as it means you understand the enormity of the task ahead of you. Once you understand your hurdles, you can surpass them.

Basics: Get Back to Email

With social media dominating the marketing field today, many people have forgotten the basics of email marketing. Marketing Land calls email the most under appreciated marketing channel, and for good reason. Since spam blockers have become very intelligent, however, using this type of campaign requires a lot of forethought and creativity.

Conventional: Stop the Presses

Press releases may seem old-fashioned, but they’re still very effective methods of getting information out to the public fast. Companies like PR Newswire have the ability to issue a press release for other companies within minute, according to PRNewswire.com. Press releases are often propagated through other news sites very quickly, which means you can reach a large client base in an effective and efficient manner.

Education: Learn the Game

Many marketers don’t have a formal education in the marketing industry, they simply have intuitive knowledge and skill. Learning more about the industry can always help though, and by learning more, you may also be able to form more creative tactics. Schools like the University of San Francisco (USanFranOnline.com) offer programs in internet marketing strategies that cover the methods that other entrepreneurs are using successfully, and this can give you inspiration for your own strategies.

Print: Expand Your Horizons

Online marketing doesn’t have to remain online. To actually get clients to your social media sites and websites you may want to promote them using traditional media as well, as suggested by Web Marketing Today. Make sure that your web links are added to all of your print media as soon as possible to expand your reach.