Monthly Archives: September 2013

Why I Sold My New Niche Site Already!

23 September
If you’ve been following me lately, you probably know I’ve been working on a new niche website for the past two months. Well here’s the traffic so far… Month 1 Month 2 Those numbers are hardly anything to brag about, but that wasn’t the reason I quit. Right after I wrote the last post a month ago, I mentioned that I wanted to do something different with this site. I didn’t want to manually build backlinks and use all the...

Is Your Company Evolving With These Business Trends?

16 September
Whether you run a local mom and pop shop or manage a Fortune 500 company, you can only evolve by staying on top of current business trends. Process-driven tactics, gamification and other expanding trends can give your business a competitive edge, so make sure your company is keeping up. Process Driven Oracle explains that process-driven management is a response to increasing competitive pressure and evolving customer needs. In other words, businesses develop a set of intertwined tasks to promote a...

Build Traffic, Leads & Sales With Your Facebook Cover Photo

9 September
If you follow me on Facebook (and I sure hope ya do!), you may have noticed the new cover photo I uploaded yesterday… I just put together a free eBook on some of the best resources on the web that will help you manage your website. So I thought I’d use my cover photo to help spread the word. Yes, I’m late.  It’s been several months since Facebook started allowing a call to action on fan page covers, and I’m...