Monthly Archives: June 2013

4 Ways Resource Management Tools Help Businesses

28 June
Remember when those cumbersome Excel spreadsheets were on the cutting edge of technology and used for everything from client billing to logging the RSVPs for your big company party? As useful as Excel and similar tools have been in the past, there are better ways of solving the same problems, with less human error and cost. Using resource management tools is just one way to streamline your business efforts. What is resource management software? Resource management programs, such as Basecamp,...

Creating a Niche Site in 2013 – The Research Phase is Crucial

18 June
I was inspired by Pat Flynn’s Niche Site Duel 2.0 that he announced recently. In short, he is creating a brand new niche website and the goal is to rank it at the top of Google in 2013 after all the changes that have taken place with SEO over the last couple of years. Pat encouraged his podcast listeners to join him and I decided I’m all in!  I think it will be an interesting and fun experiment. In fact,...

Looking for a GOOD product to promote?

17 June
Associate Programs Newsletter #553   Just a quick news alert… If you have an Internet marketing list and you’re looking for a new, good value product to promote, have a look at this. It’s by a genuine super affiliate with a proven track record. He’s paid out $10 million in commissions on previous product launches and this one has already been tested to produce a nice EPC. The launch is tomorrow, so a good time to sign up is right now....

Virtual Clerks & Vids: Your Business Website of the Future

12 June
You’ve just spent a lot of time and money creating your Web site. You like how it looks, the functionality and the content. But will customers like it? If your business Web site is not connecting you with potential customers, then it’s not serving your business well. Make sure your site includes these five key elements to start creating a following of loyal customers. 1. A Video Is Worth a Lot of Words Greet your viewers with a short video...

I Feel Your Pain – 8 Ideas To Help

11 June
Associate Programs Newsletter #552 I feel your pain and frustration if you’ve wasted time and money on bad Internet marketing products. If you’ve been stung a few times, you’re probably nervous about the promises made about any new product. Here’s an email I received from a new reader after I reviewed Jeremy Schoemaker’s Shoe In Blueprint…   “Hi Allan, I had a chance to read your review on this guy and your comments on his book and have mixed feelings...