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Are SEO Plugins Overrated in 2013? Whaddya Think?

29 April
To answer my own question… Yes.  I do think they are overrated. Now, pump your brakes. I’m not saying they are completely worthless, I just think some people assume they are THE definitive answer to some massive search engine ranking increase. The Advantages SEO plugins can be useful when they provide additional reporting features, display errors, reminders or if they help you utilize and understand basic SEO markup, build sitemaps, etc. For example, Yoast allows you to create breadcrumbs to...

Get Serious About Social Media to Grow Your Business

26 April
Once thought of as a useless trend of tech-crazed adolescents, social media has barged into the business world with a head of steam. Approximately 57 percent of business find value in social media, according to, while a Nielsen survey revealed that almost two thirds of marketers plan to increase their social marketing budgets in 2013. No longer a frivolous waste of time, social media is a potentially game-changing tool for small businesses. A smorgasbord of tweets, pics and posts...

Creating a Successful Content Website – Topic Choice, SEO Myths and More! (Video Presentation)

15 April
It’s really crazy that I’ve never created a complete video presentation on content marketing for people who want to learn how it all works. Occasionally I’ll see YouTube comments that say, “Hey, how do I start making money?” Plus, I’m constantly answering the same questions over and over again via email, Facebook, etc. Even though I have a lot of info on my site, some prefer visuals. So it was time for me to create a video that contains a...

Why It Pays to Be Patient With Google AdSense

8 April
Have you tried the 300×600 unit on your site yet? I finally added it to one of my higher trafficked pages (within the content) just to see how it will pan out. The first week… I had deplorable click-thru rates and less-than-stellar earnings. I was tempted to take it down, but then I remembered a situation where the earnings got better with time so I decided to be patient. Next week… Earnings were up a bit and the click-thru rate...

She Loves Shoes and Shopping

4 April
Associate Programs Newsletter #548 This week we have an interview with another affiliate who has turned a hobby into a full-time affiliate business. Mother of four Kim Rowley loves shoes, shopping, fashion and couponing. She has turned the things she’s passionate about into a successful business. Our business writer, Kate Buckland, interviewed Kim about the things that make her successful. For busy people, I’ve added a Key Points summary. Here’s the interview… Couponing Hobby Becomes A Business ========================Unusual addition to...