Monthly Archives: August 2012

An idea you may have overlooked

24 August
Associate Programs Newsletter #536 Do you promote your websites OFFline? A post on our affiliate forum this week reminded me that one easy, cheap way to promote your site offline is to put a decal on your car. Yes, this is an old-school idea, but the ease with which you can do it now is definitely new-school. You go online, select a design you like (or upload your own design) and personalize it with your own words. The website creates...

Is Your Site Too Self Absorbed to Be Successful?

20 August
What I love about owning a forum and being on social media is that it makes it easy to zero in on common mistakes or issues that arise with newbies. They also provide ideas for my blog posts.  So thanks everyone for all the participation and questions you pose.   They inspire much of my content here. The “All About Me” Focus There’s a member on Website Babble who was posting ideas about their upcoming website.  The site was going...

10 Ways To Make Money With PLR Content

15 August
Check your computer hard drive: I bet you have PLR content hidden away, gathering virtual dust. If so, you’re not alone. Plenty of marketers buy loads of PLR content but they never use it. Why? For a simple reason: They’ve just never learned HOW to use it to grow their business. If that sounds familiar to you – or if you just want to fully leverage your PLR content – then you’ll want to read on to discover 10 ways...

Websites Plunge, But Affiliate Commissions Keep Arriving

13 August
Associate Programs Newsletter #535 Affiliate coach John Gibb has students who watched their websites’ traffic get clobbered hard by Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm changes. (John now has a new case study teaching his students how to fix that problem.) But here’s the GOOD news… Although their websites were hit badly, those students continued to see nice affiliate commissions arrive. Why? Because John teaches all his students to promote evergreen, timeless products that pay you for the lifetime of your...

Why Promoting Timeless Residual Products Is The Smart Way Do Affiliate Marketing

13 August
Let’s face it – affiliate marketing is no easy path to take nowadays. The game is constantly changing… With all the latest algorithm changes over at Google (the latest being Panda and Penguin) and PPC becoming insanely competitive, how can we help hedge ourselves as affiliate marketers? While there are different business models you could experiment with to steer away from search engines, pay per click marketing and all of the other methods we’ve been taught over the years… one...